Regsitry API

Registry block

Registry is a optional unique data block (tag: registry) that servers as a shared user keyring and global presets container. It is up to the client application and a user to decide whether and how to use it.

To the ATTESTA the registry is not available and therefore its presence and inner structure has no importance to the service itself, but% for the sake of comatibility, it is stringly recommeded to use block structure listed below:

  • use protected block encrypted with very strong derived key, see KDF.

  • the inner structire should be equal or the superset of the following:

  • the key encoding should be binary, attesta standard (same as in ZCoin).

    "registry" : {
        "private_key": <binary encoded private key>,
        // other data 


To access the registry, connecting party must know any nick token registered with the account of interest, no matter whether it was set as searchable. Later we also add ability to get registry from email and phone numer, after checking it.

registry_get(nick_token: <binary_nick_token>)
    -> { registry: <block> }
  • registry is a block described above. If the nick is not known to the system, the registry object is not returned, and no error is thrown.


User must be authenticated to create or update the registry block.

registry_set(registry: <block>)
    -> {}

No return value.