Business processes

This secion is under development. There is googledoc draft visible to the workgroup. Check again soon!

We use BPMN 2.0 diagram to define our business processes in a clear and unambiguous way. The ready diagrams are presented below.

Registration and login


Is a process of registering a party's public key to the service. See registration api for detail. The registration can be done completely anonymously, without providing even the nick, or ny registering some identification data, like email, mobile phone or the nick, so the party who know it exactly can find it later. Still, all this data is not stored on the server and is not, therefore, exposed to any public, including attesta system administrators and server owners.

The registration processes are represented in the following diagrams:

Discovering other parties

The principle is, if some party has deicded to expose one of it's nicks, emails or phones, if any, then other party knowning resecing data can discover it and connect to it. The process is defined in the [searching and connecting other party diagram].

Consult connectors API for further details.

P2P communications

Available between any 2 connected parties (see discovering above) using connectoris API. Communications by design can not be discovered by anyone except holders of these parties private keys.

Group communications

Is done by creating special kind of object, group object, and the group connector. While the connector resides on the server and can in theory be compromised by the server attack, it reveails no data either than there us a connector that was able to share incformation between a set of parties. It is not possible to discover what information passed through the connector, and therefore who and how has it used, and it is not possible to unencrypt any of the group data not being a participing party.

The group can be created using party's accepter P2P connectors, see group creation diagram. It means, that anyone can create a group from only these parties that has accepted connection to it - and has not blocked it.